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We, Itou Kinzoku Co., Ltd. established in 1986, are a member of SANBY Co., Ltd. group. Our company is located in Higahiosaka. Here is well-known as "MONOZUKURI town" (it means the high-quality Manufacturing). In this town, we produce custom / ready-made rubber stamps. We have had especially a strong point at custom made rubber stamp. Is the reason why we have been made rubber stamps here just because we can make highly-qualified products?, or just because our brand custom rubber stamps / date stamps have been supported by hospital, factory, post office, government office and many other clients in Japan for a long years? We are not sure which the correct one is. However, for some reason, we can acctually continue to be sending out our stamps into the world with passion.

the exterior of itou-kinzoku building
Itou-kinzoku Co., Ltd.

3-5-72, Tamakushicho Higashi, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka, 578-0932, Japan.
Tel: +81 72 962 5586 Fax: +81 72 960 2672