The influence of the Decralation of Emergency due to the Pandemic of COVID-19

We have been based in Higashi-Osaka, Japan since we got founded. Therefore, we had kept strong attention to the circumstance of COVID-19 in Japan. Shinzo Abe, Prime minister of Japan, declared a state of emergency on April 7th, 2020. It has not indicated concrete regulations we should comply yet, however we temporarily suspend A PART of our production in order to protect our irreplaceable employees as of today. The products that are affected are only the custom phrase/dater stamps series which include special structures such as extra large font height(more than 14mm), double impression lines, and having both fixed and rotation bands. Other than that, we try to keep producing and ship our products as usual as possible, however it could delay because of the situations about carrier or the amount of orders. Once the condition of the declaration issues, our business status may change. In that case, of course, we will update any status changes here. Thank you for your great support and understanding to our company.

Update about the significant delay of shipment

Due to the decrease of flight numbers all over the world, our shipping carriers informed us that they are facing significant delay. They also mentioned this situation affects most of destinations, and they temporarily suspend the reception of the packages to some countries. We keep taking orders as much as we can, and try to organize the quickest shipping way. However please set the very enough shipping time when you place an order. In particular, we are not able to accept cancelations for custom stamps and the parcels on delivery. We would suggest that all our customers contact us beforehand, and our customer support team is definitely happy to help you, if you have concerns and questions such as the eligibility of shipment to your country. (as of 18-May-2020)

Itou Kinzoku Co., Ltd. CEO Takanobu Yamamoto