This stamp needs to custom the rubber image. Please look at our help page.
  • metal stamp stand in line
  • custom brass stamp face to front
  • custom metal stamp slide to open
  • push metal stamp and show stamp pad
  • contiguous stamping by custom stamp
  • pinch the metal stamp by 2 fingers on the white paper
  • pinch and down the metal stamp by 2 fingers on the white paper
  • pinch and slide down the metal stamp face onto the white paper

Rhythm Stamp 5  
[Self inking custom metal stamp size: 5]

Product details

Product NO: [OS-05]
US$ 17.10
!! This product does not include ink !!
Product size: W23/D25/H71mm
Diameter: 14mm   Weight: 40g
Out of Stock

Not only beautiful. It also has high functionality.

The custom self inking stamp (rhythm stamp) is made by Sanby Co., Ltd., and it is called Auto-stamp in Asian countries. This simply designed stamp has many advantages. The brass parts give this stamp more durability than the other plastic stamps. This brass cylinderbody is exquisitely assembled, so that contribute to make good stamp sound and smooth feeling. Then you can stamp rhythmically. This self inking stamp is able to keep little ink in it. However, that few ink is supplied efficiently to the durable rubber, then it lead lots of times stampings. When the printed image are getting pale, re-inking is very easy. Easy targeting ring will help you stamp clearly. When you stamp, please aim through the guidring. You will be freed from the problems like shifting or miss-stamping. We prepare over 200 kinds of fonts, and off course, you can also make logo stamps or signature stamps by your image. While, if you need only cylinder, we provide half finished products. Contact

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