Auto-quotation for your personalized band stamp

On this page, you can estimate how much your “Custom band Stamp”(One line Basic Type) is. The estimate is calculated automatically according to contents. All you need is to fill in and choose several contents. After submit, your estimate page will be displayed. Check the preview and click “Add to Cart” to order. If you need to modify or cancel this contents, click “Close”.
specialized personalized custom made to order rubber stamp

You just pass the 3 steps

Step 1: Fill your letters or numbers into the each column from 1st band up to 15th band. You can enter not only one letter or one number, but also one word.
Step 2: Choose a band type. We prepare 3 types of rubber bands. Read carefully the descriptions and select your one.
Step 3: Difine character height, font, quantity and enter maximum print width. And then click “Estimate”. If you would like the other font, pick your choice from “Font Page” and put the font name in “Message column”.

Step1: Fill your letters/numbers in below boxes

band No. 1st band 2nd band 3rd band 4th band 5th band 6th band 7th band
1st letter
2nd letter
3rd letter
4th letter
5th letter
6th letter
7th letter

8th band 9th band 10th band 11th band 12th band 13th band 14th band 15th band
Put letters, numbers or words from the top to bottom in each box. This stamp is basically designed as to contain 12 rows on each band. So, the price is same up to 12 rows, but there will be surcharge for 13 rows and more. In this page, you can calculate only “one row custom stamp” (composed of letters / numbers in a one line). If you would like another SPECIAL stamp (e.g. Two-Lines, further bands etc...), of course we are able to help you. Please contact us here. We also provide only a custom rubber band. You can order your original custom band here.In that case, please write that request in the "Message box".

Step2: Choose a rubber band's type

made in Japan alphabet rotating stamp
Rubber type


Standard type rubber is supposed to use for paper with water-based ink. This rubber has ideal elasticity for stamping, and print clearly on paper.

rubber stamp oil resistant rubber oil resistance
Rubber type


If you are going to stamp on metals, plastic and other unabsorbed face with oil-based ink, choose this type. At almost all situations, the other types are eroded by oil-based ink.

pre inked rubber stamp reasonable price
Rubber type


This type rubber is able to hold ink on the surface at one-time-inking so that stamp continually (only a few times). According to the feature, semi-pre-inked rubber can't use different color ink on the same rubber face.

Band's Type

Step3: Define the letter style.

Please choose the unit of length.
 mm  inch
Character Height Font Quantity Maximum Print Width
Font Samples
  • helvetica font sample
  • century old style font sample
  • font sample for small letter
  • font sample for small letter
  • The Maximum print width is showed in a stamp illust at the top of this page.
  • Please let us know throuth below Message box, when you need any other fonts,or you have specifications. The other fonts are listed in FONT SAMPLE PAGE
  • Only a simple preview display in the estimate page. So, we will send you an actual size proofreading in PDF after the confirmation of your order.
  • Depending on the contents, there is a case which we aren't able to produce, even if the artwork is prepared.
  • CLICK HERE for further custom information.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US.
Message ( We might re-estimate the price according to some contents.)