Further information about how to customize stamp

The factors of stamp price

A stamp price is calculated from character height, max-print width, each band width, and number of row. The estimated price will not get higher usually. In case, letters does not match with the print width (i.e. your letter is too long), we will tell you when we make a proofreading.

  • When the price is more expensive as the character height is higher, but 1.75 - 2.50mm are exceptionally higher than 2.75 – 4.00mm.
  • The minimam row is 12. The price does not get lower, even if you order a less numbers of rows. In addition, the stamp size is also same. There is a space row on each belt. You do not put in it.
  • The “Oil-resistant rubber” price is 30% higher than the standerd one. While, “Semi-pre inked rubber” price is same as standerd one.
  • If you need a large number of items, firstly please contact us.
  • *The estimate price does not include shipping fee, so we will tell you when we send the proofreading.
  • *The your typed letters are arrenged as best width within that max-print width. If you want to be placed letters at certain position, please write that in message box.
  • *We will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns, because of the customers' personal preferences, after we begin to make custom made products.
  • *We do not have any responsibility about defectives or misprints, after once customer approve the proofreading.