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Custom date/number stamp

Custom date/number stamp

One line custom band stamp

  • grip product on girl's hand
  • rubber band stamp and grip
  • reasonable custom rubber stamp
  • alphabet rotating stamp
  • This custom stamp is completely made to order.
  • put the letters which you arranged at
    "Auto quotation & order page"
  • We can make not only the English charactor stamp face, but also the others.(*the reseption langueges is ENGLISH ONLY)
  • You can choose the charactor size from plenty options, and we prepare over 200 numbers of fonts. If you could not find your imaged one, we are able to customize indivisually. Please contact us.
  • We prepare 3 types of rubbers to several purpose. Every rubber has enough durability to print clearly, even if it is used hard.
Three types of stamp rubber

Three types of stamp rubber

red color one line customized stamp


This is the most popular rubber. We balanced "high durability" and "comfotable stamping" on the type. So, if you are going to stamp on plane paper, this is the ideal one.

 oil proof rubber stamp


When you stamp except plane paper, for instance, plastic, metal, wood, grass, leather and etc, you should pay attention to the rubber type. Because it is neccesary to use "oil-based ink" if you stamp on such materials which include unabsorbed face. However, most these inks will erode stamp rubbers. Oil-resistant rubber can endure to oil-based ink. In addition, this type is the durablest one among the 3.

 pre ink stamp


In the case of you need to stamp several times at once, we recomend you the "Semi-pre-inked". This rubber is designed to hold ink in it, so you can stamp 5 to 6 times at one time. It does not cost you extra charge, because this has the simpler dimention than "pre-inked rubber" (Product:Repimax) However, please do not mix differnt inkes on the same stamp rubber face. It will absorb several inks, and will print strange color.