How to place an order on our system

Order Procedure

  1. After your order is placed, ' an order acknowledgement e-mail ' will be automatically sent to you. If you wouldn't receive this e-mail, we are unable to contact you. Therefore, please inform us of your contact address.
  2. We will send you a receipt confirmation e-mail by the next business day.
  3. If advance arrangement of specifications for proofreading of the artwork is needed, we will send you an inquiry of unknown matters or information for you to judge. Arrangement will be repeated until the products meet your demands.
  4. Then we will send you an e-mail that contains confirmation of your order, the total bill amount (with a shipping rate), and the scheduled date of shipment. If you confirm and accept the contents, please reply to the e-mail. There is the case that tariffs, other import duties, and customs fees are imposed to the purchased products at customs clearance in receipt country/area. In that case, these taxes are the customer burden. Please pay directly to the delivery company or the customs house on receipt. It should be noted that the policy on taxes and customs fees will vary depending on the countries/areas. For more information, please contact the customs house of your country/area.
  5. We will send you a PayPal invoice e-mail. By implementation of the settlement of this PayPal, the contract will be concluded, then, we will start production and goods preparations. Before the contract is concluded, if the contract ends in failure by any reasons such as customer circumstances and/or our circumstances, economic compensation shall not occur. Please note that if you would not pay within 7 days from receipt of an e-mail above, it would be automatically canceled.
  6. In regard to made-to-order products, we will start production immediately. Therefore, after conclusion of the contract, we are unable to accept the cancellation of products for visitor circumstances. In regard to ready-made products, we accept the cancellation of products if the shipment has not been completed.
  7. We will inform you about an EMS tracking number when the shipment has been completed.
  8. If you receive defective products owing to our responsibility by any chance, please inform us about the details by e-mail. We will handle in good faith by repayment or delivery of replacements.
  9. If the shipment could not be completed after 7 days from the shipping date that was announced before the conclusion of the contract, we will repay under your cancellation of products when you wish.

Minimum Order Price

We may not accept your order LESS THAN US$15.00-. The minimum order price will apply to the sum which does not include GST.

Shipping policy

Selling on this website targets the end-users. Please contact us about a large amount of dealings, in that case, we will separately deal with them. Our retail product delivery is available in EMS countries/areas for which tracking service is available. Please check if EMS is available in your country/area from here (Japan Post EMS area). About shipping rates from Japan, Japan Post Rate Schedule page will be helpful. Our major products are made-to-order. Therefore it is difficult to predict the accurate total weight, including the weight of the products and the weight of the packaging material such as cardboard. Although our predicted weight becomes heavier or lighter than the actual weight, the total bill amount does not change from the estimated price.

Return/Exchange/Cancellation policy

We are basically unable to accept the return/exchange of custom products except defectives. Please thoroughly check the products before you submit the order.

■ About cancellation before payment

Please feel free to cancel at no charge before payment. If you are about to cancel, please inform us as soon as possible. Please note that if you would not pay within 7 days from receipt of a PayPal invoice e-mail, it would be automatically canceled.

■ About cancellation after payment (before shipment is completed)

In regard to ready-made products, we accept the cancellation and then repay. In regard to made-to-order products, we start production immediately after payment. Therefore we are unable to accept the cancellation as a general rule. Please immediately contact us because there is a possibility that the production is early-stage or not yet started.

■ About cancellation after shipment

For damaged / defective / wrong products

Please inform us about the details of damaged / defective / wrong products, we will send you replacements after confirmation. Sorry to trouble you, but please send us an e-mail about that effect within 7 days after receipt of products. * If 7 days elapsed after receipt of products, we might not accept.

For visitor circumstances

Because of an international deal, we are unable to accept the cancellation / the return of products after shipment. Before purchasing, please thoroughly check the size, color, quantity, and so on.

About Payment

  • Total bill amount is: Total price of products + a shipping rate
  • We will ship after the payment is settled. You will receive an e-mail regarding the payment via Payoneer or PayPal. Please click the link to the PayPal website on the e-mail, and settle the payment within 7 days. Please also be reminded that if we can not confirm the receipt of your payment to our PayPal account 7 days after the above e-mail has been sent, your order shall be automatically canceled. An extra fee will add the amount to the circumstances of the transfer by the customer burden.