Decorative Rubber Stamp [Card Making Stamp]

It will be fun to create!!
— Hobby Craft Stamps for card making

These decorative stamps are craft stamp that be suited to use for card making. Can decorate invitation cards, envelope, scrapbook pages, wrapping bag and present's tag etc. : Message Card Stamp, Frame Stamp, Scrapbook Stamp, Wrapping Stamp and Tag Stamp. How to use is up to you. There are various design, letters, size of stamp, kinds of stamp, so you will be able to find the stamp that you want. Why don't you make lovely greeting cards, elegant invitations, only one scrapbook in the world, and various things by these Decoration Rubber Stamp.
Decorative stamp for card making are 4 types in all. There are craft rubber stamp, label stamp, alphabet stamp and number stamp, Sanrio character's stamp (Hello Kitty etc.). One by one is made extremely detailed by craftmen, so it will be able to be clearly stamping. Craft rubber stamp, label stamp and Sanrio decoration stamp are “wood rubber stamp” that is made from wood and rubber. Wood rubber stamp that is unique to handmade is very cute and popular for card making. Alphabet stamp and number stamp are “plastic rubber stamp”. This plastic rubber stamp is combination stamp that is easy to use of free combination, so it is specially popular as business stamp except as card making stamp.

If you use these decorative rubber stamps that be able to use to various things depending on your imagination, elegant and cute touch are added to things that you want to make.

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Memories of album, a Letter to your dearest...
Let's make an only one "feeling (cards, letter etc.)" in the world by these decoration stamps!!

What's Decorative Rubber Stamp you need ??

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