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What is the "Combination Stamp"?

Combination Stamp is number stamp and alphabet stamp for card making, and it is product named Endless Stamp. It is possible to connect any number of a digit stamp and a letter stamp, and also it is combination stamp that can detach. In Japan, it is called the "Joint Rubber Stamp", "Detachable Stamp”, “Arrange Stamp”, “Connecting Stamp” etc.. One by one is made by craftsmen, it is easy to be attach and detach, easy to use, and long-lasting.
Alphabet stamps and number stamps are able to connect each other, these Combination Stamps can connect not only same sizes but also different sizes as No00-No0, No1-No2 and No3-No5. However only No6 cannot connect another sizes. Combination Stamp connect a tight, so it is no deviation and can be stamping straight.

The typeface has two types of Roman and Gothic, the stamp size has eight types in all (Gothic has five types : No.1 ~ No.5). Please look at the picture below for details. Combination Stamp are “plastic rubber stamp” that is made from plastic and rubber. This stamp's rubber is basically Regular rubber, but there are Oil resistant rubber stamps too. (#Oil resistant rubber have only size No.1 ~ No.5 of Roman.) If you will buy regular rubber stamp, it would be the cause of the damage, so please don't use oil based ink.
There are each number stamps set and alphabet stamps set besides single article. The other are Craft Box (including 3-12 sets) and Large Outer Box (including 36-144 sets), and these sets are so good value.

The combination stamps that be able to use for any purpose depending on your imagination are able to use as "Card Making Stamps" : make cards, write letters, decorate scrapbooks etc.. Or can use as business stamp. If you use as business stamp, it is recommended to use as "Date Stamp" or "Numbering Stamp". It is excellent stamp that is both Office Stamp and Decorative Stamp. Please try various way using combination stamps.

#Please Note: It requires a separate ink pad.

About Combination Stamp's Detail (Size / Package contents)

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