Rubber Stamps [Ready-made Rubber Stamp]

Rubber stamp in this page is ready-made product. Our product "rubber stamp” is very superior stamp that have gained trust and been supported by customer over a long period of time. It is used the rubbers that superior in durability, so it is long-lasting. Also rotating stamp is especially configured that easy to use. These are rubber stamp made in Japan that is high quality that utilize know-how of our company original and is manufactured. You will be surprised at all that are usability, durability, beautiful of stamp face.
Rubber stamp have basically four types : Numbering stamp, Date stamp, Office stamp, Card making stamp. It has various size and kinds, so you will definitely find rubber stamp that you need.
You can see the detail of each product so please see from the below.

Numbering Stamp of Itou-Kinzoku Brand


Numbering stamp has 6 digits of rotating stamp, 8 digits of rotating stamp, rotating stamp of several units, rotating stamp of price display. 6 digits or 8 digits of basic rotating stamp is the most suitable rotating stamp for numbering manufacture number or document number etc.. Also, price display or several units rotating stamp that are rich in stamp face contents is rotating stamp that to specialize depending on the purpose by user. These are the most basic rotating stamp, and it is wide variety.
Rotating Numbering Stamp


Date stamp has 2 types of rotating stamp that is differ the order of date. (Order of rows: YYYY.MM.DD / MM.DD.YYYY) Date stamp that take the hassle out of write the date at office work will be useful for your job. Can use when need the date on invitations etc. at private other than job too.
Date Stamp of Itou-Kinzoku Brand
Office Stamp of Pre-inked Stamp


Office stamp is pre-inked and re-inkable rubber stamp (=stamper) that not need sepalated ink pad. There are 2 sizes of small or medium, and color of ink are 3 colors of red, blue, black. It is long-lasting and can stamp about 3000 times without applying ink everytime, so it is perfectly office supplies.
Office Stamper of Self-Inking Stamp


Card making stamp is mainly stamp for decoration, and has craft stamp, combination stamp of alphabets and numbers, sanrio stamp of hello kitty etc.. There are abundance of patterns and sizes, so can use to various things other than card making. Especially, combination stamp of alphabets and numbers have various uses. These card making stamp is not included ink except for a part of stamp, so can use freely a color ink that you like.
Card Making Stamp of Decorative Stamp

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